Samantha Jo Hill

What is your hometown? Ashland, Illinois

Describe yourself in your own words?
I'm extremely driven, but honestly you have to be if you want to be a part of this industry. I'm very creative, outgoing, I'm pretty funny (atleast my friends tell me haha!). And I'll leave it at that because I don't like talking about myself. You'll just have to see for yourself how awesome I am! Lol

What is an interesting fact about yourself? I graduated with 28 people in my class!

Favorite Foods? Well, I don't get to eat these very often because most of the time I eat clean, but I LOVE cheescake
Everything that has to deal with breakfast
Chinese!!!...oh my gosh im getting hungry!:)

Favorite Sports Team? Da Bears

Favorite color? Purple

Favorite Song? IRIS-Goo Goo Dolls

Favorite Item of Clothing? I don't like clothes!

Favorite vacation spot? Half Moon Cay

Turn Ons? I like guys that are clean cut and take care of themselves, that have ambition and the mind set to succeed in life. Basically, a guy that is just as driven as myself.
Being thoughtful and caring.

Turn Offs? No communication and/or someone that I can't hold a conversation with.
Playing on your phone while I'm trying to hold a conversation at dinner. It's just rude!
Not having any dreams or goals.

What is your most important qualities in a guy? Thoughtfulness and communication..if you don't have either of those, it won't work for me.

What is your idea of a perfect date? A man that surprises me with something to wear for the evening. Tells me to be ready in that outfit at a certain time. Picks me up with flowers, and then he surprises me by driving out to the country with a candle light dinner picnic and then we end the night perfectly while we sit in the bed of his truck/ SUV and talk the whole night. A girl can dream right?

What is a typical day off for you? Well, when that happens (not very often) I love to lounge around in yoga pants, a t-shirt, hair up, and glasses on while reading a good book. After that, it's movies all day and Chinese food.

Ocean or Lake? Ocean

Cat or Dog? Dog-German Shepherd

Bar or Club? Bar

What is your favorite saying? Follow your dreams even if you think it isn't possible.

What is the worst thing someone has ever said to you? fuck you...etc..

What do you think makes a woman truly beautiful? How she treats others. Looks don't matter when you have a bad attitude.

What is the best thing about being a woman? I LOVE shoes.You should see my collection lol

What person(s) would you most likely want to meet? Will Smith

What is your favorite type of music? I listen to everything...I don't have a specific genre I listen to.

What kind of music is on your iPod? all kinds...Tech N9ne, Ces Cru, Wrekonize, J. Cole, Beyonce, Ciara, Goo Goo Dolls...the list goes on and on.

What is your main ambition in life? To be happy.

What is your favorite part of a guy's body? The "V"

What is your favorite part of your body? my booottyyy :)

Are you ticklish? ummm verryy lol

What were you like in high school? awesome.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you? Hilarious, outgoing, and I'm a great listener.

Have you ever been to a strip club? No

What is your favorite drink? Malibu and Pineapple
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