Allison Sadler, aka AllyCat

What is your hometown? Cleveland, Ohio

Describe yourself in your own words? I'm and independent personal trainer. Working at all local gyms for the past 5 years I found my love for weight training and body building. I love standing out from the crowd and doing my own thing. I'm very bubbly, interestingly complex person, especially with my love for astrology.

What is an interesting fact about yourself? Being in the fitness/athletic industry, I've practiced Mixed Martial Arts since a child and am a blue belt in Taekwondo and in the gym I'm known for the amount of weight I can squat. I can squat triple my body weight maxing out at 335lbs.

Favorite Foods? Obviously the foods that I'm supposed to stay away from. Pizza is kryptonite, then burgers, fries and cheesecake. Pasta is always a must

Favorite Sports Team? Team Rousey (women's mma)

Favorite color? Purple

Favorite Song? Pursuit of Happiness- Kid Cudi

Favorite vacation spot? Orlando, Florida

Favorite Item of Clothing? Bikinis since I wear them all summer long

Turn Ons? Tattoos. Muscles. Live a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet. Good grammar and an passion for adventures.

Turn Offs? Smoking Cigarettes. Ignorance. Negativity. Laziness. Having kids.

What is your most important qualities in a guy? Loyalty. Honesty. But most importantly there needs to be a strong emotional connection.

What is a typical day off for you? Hit the gym and not being rushed, followed by a delicious lunch and relaxing with a couple of cold ones.

What is your favorite movie? What's your number

Ocean or Lake? Ocean

Cat or Dog? Cat

Bar or Club? Club

What is your favorite saying? Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.

What is the craziest thing you've ever done? Ate pot out of a cops hand

What do you think makes a woman truly beautiful? Inner beauty, beauty of the heart

What is the best thing about being a woman? Getting all the Percs. Free drinks, getting out of speeding tickets. You name it, I've gotten it

What person(s) would you most likely want to meet? My favorite astrologer from NYC

What is your favorite type of music? Reggae

What kind of music is on your iPod? Club music! All sets from Dj's

What is your main ambition in life? To change people's lives in a positive way

What is your favorite part of a guy's body? Chest! Gotta have chest

What is your favorite part of your body? My eyes

Are you ticklish? Not at all

What is the most sensitive part of your body? My nipples since I got them pierced

What were you like in high school? I was a thug/ punk f-up

What are three words your friends would use to describe you? Feline

Have you ever been to a strip club? Yes

What is your favorite drink? Fireball

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