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We've headed over to Tapiture and brought back some hot images of beautiful ladies.

I'm a bubbly, beautiful, charismatic young woman. I love having fun and just living life. I enjoy pursuing modeling as well as continuing to work on my education as a nurse.

As long time friend of Vertigo, we are glad to finally be able to feature Kristen on here. Look for some great new image of her in an upcoming issue of Vertigo and check out the behind the scenes shot in the latest news.

We've just added a new set of images and a video of September Cover Model Barbara Kovach. Make sure to stop over and check out all the new stuff!
Werewolves are one of legend's most fearsome animals. Part man and part wolf, the werewolf is huge, mean, and regularly wild.

As just a couple of legendary animals can assert, werewolves have been depicted all through distinctive parts of the world for quite a long time. Stories of men going on deadly frenzies as a fiendishness wolf were recorded as ahead of schedule as the late 1500s in France and Germany.

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Recently Kristy Ann approached us about being in Vertigo, to which our answer was "Duh?" Look for this lovely young lady real soon in a future issue of Vertigo Magazine!
Haylea has been a Vertigo friend for some time now and is now branching into modeling. Look for more outstanding images and a full feature coming soon.
This young lady comes to us from North Carolina courtesy of our friend and contributing photographer Doug Kadan. Doug and Adahy created some amazing images on the beach. Keep an eye out for her feature in an issue coming out soon.
This issue of Vertigo Magazine features Lindsay Sale and is now available. Make sure to get over there and order your copy today.

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